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Techni Waterjet

Experiences An 12% Increase In Lead Submission, Thanks To Our Conversion Growth Program.
Techniwaterjet machine
Techniwaterjet machine

How We Did It

Here are the services that were provided to Techni Waterjet

Conversion Growth Program

Ideal Client Discovery Exercise

Website Audit

Techni Waterjet, sees an 12% increase in high-quality lead submissions with the Conversion Growth Program

“Improved site navigation to facilitate multiple customer personas, increased the flow of web traffic to key pages, improving the quality of the lead, resulting in an 12% increase in lead submissions and 65% increase in phone call conversions rates for 200K + Waterjet machines”

Darren – Techni Waterjet

The Overview

Techni Waterjet is at the forefront of the Waterjet cutting industry, known for their innovation of energy saving pump development, their machines are used by major industries world wide.

The Challenge

Techni Waterjet approached Conversion, hoping to boost their machine & pump sales to various B2B markets. Their website was lacking in information and causing visitors to get stuck on the path to finding key pages. The result was low lead submission and an increased bounce rate.

The Process

After identifying the challenges that presented themself with Techni Waterjet, we recommended that Techni Waterjet join our Conversion Growth program.

The process began by having Techni Waterjet complete an ideal client discovery exercise. This tool is used to uncover both existing and new client personas that we could target.

After completing this exercise, we conducted a website audit. It was clear that our website was letting us down. The poor site navigation and low lead submissions Techni Waterjet was facing were due to a series of usability issues, with the site only being built to facilitate 25% of potential customers.

From there, we developed a strategy to optimize the website for improved navigation, relevancy, and lead submission.

The Solution

Based on the discovery exercise, we were able to identify a list of key opportunities.

Based on these areas, our hypothesis was to update the site with key pages, filled with information that would appeal to our ideal client personas, and improve the navigation to these key pages would have the biggest impact.

Firstly, we decided to focus on creating new and optimising existing primary pages for our ideal customer personas.

Here is what we did

Our hypothesis was centred around tailoring our information, to the needs and wants of our ideal customer personas.

This resulted with a 6% increase in time on key pages and a 27% increase in website duration.

Then we turned our attention to improving site navigation. This involved redesigning the homepage. To do that, we set up a visitor categorisation system, by creating a mind map of the different pathways visitors would use to reach key pages.

We established three clear pathways users would take, in order to reach the information they were looking for. They were pathways determined by

Knowing this, we were then able to design a user friendly, categorisation system, that would enable prospects to easily search for the solution (information) they needed.
Techniwaterjet solutions
This single page redesign, resulted in an 4% improvement of bounce rate, as more visitors were able to find the information they were looking for.

The Result

Today, as a result of our Conversion Growth Program, Techni Waterjet continues to use our data driven insights to improve it’s user experience and optimizing key pages, so they become more relevant and closely matched to their customer personas.

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