How Much Money In Lost Sales Is Your E-Commerce Store Missing Out On?

Do you own an E-commerce store that sells consumer products? Or one that sells complex goods and services? And you’re not hitting the sales numbers you desire? Get the most comprehensive, conversion-focused, 300 critical checkpoint E-Commerce checklist, that will make your sales bell ring like crazy!
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6-7 Figure E-Commerce Stores having success with this checklist

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Sebastian Alberti

G’day there – I’m Sebastian, the founder of ConverXion, a design & marketing agency who’s sole focus is to help businesses, in particular E-commerce brands, improve their stores conversion rate by turning more visitors into buyers.

In my time as a conversion expert (13 years), I’ve worked with and consulted for some of the biggest brands around the globe, such as Kiiroo, ESET, Youi, Boeings, and Australia Post. I’ve also conducted 300+ conversion audits, but more importantly have helped my clients scale & grow their webstores conversion rate by 2X, 3X, and even 5X. So, I know a little bit about getting your online store to convert like crazy.

With My E-Commerce Conversion Checklist

You Can Zero In On Your Online Store And Find Out Where Exactly You’re Leaving Money (Heaps Of) On The Table

With my checklist you can look at over 300 critical checkpoints and cover every inch of your store’s conversion process, to find where you’re lacking conversion pulling power.

The checklist is designed to show you the quick wins that have the highest impact, that you can implement right now to significantly boost your conversion rate.

What’s included

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The E-Commerce Conversion Checklist Is Best Suited For

Businesses Who Are Trying To Optimize Their Webstore And Not Experiencing The Conversion Results They Desire

The 6 Biggest Conversion Killing Mistakes Online Stores Make

Working as a conversion expert for the past 13 years, I’ve discovered that most conversion-killing mistakes all boil down to the basics.

You’re led to believe that if your website lacks all the fancy bells and whistles, doesn’t overwhelm prospects in layers of information, and doesn’t heavily discount its products… then it’s not going to reach its full potential in terms of sales & profits.

Far from it, in fact.

What separates 6-7 figures a year businesses from others is the fact that they do the basics better than anyone else. Period!

Here are the 6-conversion killing mistakes hindering your growth.

Even though these things may seem trivial – they matter because they’re actively preventing you from scaling & growing your business.

Wondering Why You're Spending The Most You’ve Ever Spent On Advertising Yet You’ve Got Nothing To Show For It?

Okay, here’s the scoop!

After auditing 300+ stores, I discovered that business owners and their teams are still under the impression that conversion is a numbers game.

They believe More Traffic = More Sales

I’d see store owners happily spend $1000’s each month on traffic generation and optimization strategies… yet weren’t investing a single dime on improving their webstore experience.

Sound familiar?

The truth is, if your website isn’t fully optimized to convert visitors into buyers, the additional money you’re spending on buying more traffic is simply being tossed in the trash.

Your traffic & ads aren’t the problem.

Your web store is!

This Is Where Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Comes Into Play.

CRO is a strategy that allows you to sharpen your stores ability to convert more visitors into buyers.

With a high-converting store, you see an immediate drop in customer acquisition cost, your average order value increases, customer retention improves, and you generate more sales than ever before.

Now, CRO is great because even small, marginal increases to your web store’s overall conversion rate, can lead to large, profitable returns on your investment.

Take this webstore example.

They improved their conversion rate from 3.1% to 3.6%, and went from generating $5,000,000 annually in online sales to %5,806,569 annually, yielding $806,596 in additional sales profit each year.
Sound like something you want to invest in?

Why Is My E-Commerce Conversion Checklist So Powerful?

It Finds Quick Wins That Allows You To Compound Your Conversions

Unlike the 100’s of other checklists available on the web that are solely focused on launching an E-commerce store, providing no value to existing store owners who are looking to scale.

Mine helps you drill down into every aspect of your online store, allowing you to discover the quick wins that attribute to skyrocketing your sales through an effect we call ‘Compounding your conversions’.

Like a snowball, compounding your conversions occurs when many incremental changes are made to boost your overall conversion rate.

When each is stacked on one another, the conversion effect starts to compound, building momentum, becoming more and more powerful over time. Like so…

Conversion Rate Before Compounding Effect - 2%

Compounding Effect

Conversion Rate After Compounding Effect - 5.14%

With over 300 critical checkpoints that affect the overall performance of your store’s conversion rate, it’s very easy to generate this compounding effect, and gain large conversion boosts through systematic and progressive refinement.

Ask Yourself This...

How Fast Would Your Business Grow If Your Conversion Rates Doubled?

Let me tell you…Double as fast!

If you were able to double your conversions, and in turn double your profits, what would it mean for you?

The fact is, when your business is profitable, other areas of your life become easy and enjoyable.

You might only be one, two or three simple changes away from a life that you’ve been working so hard towards.

All you need to do is download the most comprehensive, E-commerce checklist on the planet.

My Promise

Stop Leaving Money On The Table And Squeeze Every Single Profitable Dollar Out Of Your Online Store

With my Ecommerce checklist you will be given the holy bible to improve your store’s conversion rate. With over 300 critical checkpoints that cover every aspect of your online store, accompanied with examples, impact & cost gauges, and priority bars, this checklist arms you with both the tools and confidence needed, to implement the changes that have a high-impact on your conversion rate. 

E-commerce checklist

 I’ve invested over 13 years of my conversion optimization experience into this, providing you with a clear and actionable checklist that is a must-have for businesses who are wanting to maximize their stores ROI.

With my checklist you will:

Why Should You Listen To Me?

As mentioned above I’m Sebastian, the founder of ConverXion, a design & marketing agency whose sole focus is to help businesses, in particular E-commerce brands, improve their stores conversion rate by turning more visitors into buyers.

I’ve worked with and consulted for many top brands such as Kiiroo, ESET, Youi, Boeings, and Australia Post. At the start of my career I was invited to be a part of the Google Adwords Beta Testing program, and from that point on I developed my skills in strategy development, marketing, psychology of selling, data analysis, and conversion optimization.
I’ve been invited to attend ‘mastermind’ groups around the world as a speaker, teaching students the fundamentals of CRO.
Auditing over 300+ businesses, and helping E-commerce brands across the globe 2X, 3X, even 5X’ing their revenue, has allowed me to build unique highly-detailed CRO processes that generate results.

Here are more 6-7 figure companies I’ve helped

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Bottom line is, I have a deep understanding of what affects your conversion rate. All that I’ve learnt throughout my past 13 years, has been compiled into 300 critical checkpoints which I’m sharing with you today.

“You’ve Convinced Me - What Should I Do Next?”

Get The Most Comprehensive, High-Detailed, Conversion Focused E-Commerce Checklist Today!

Do it yourself with the

E-Commerce Conversion Checklist

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Now $69

Improve All Aspects Of Your E-Commerce Store:


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You Really Have Nothing To Lose With My Double Guarantee

I’m so confident that you’ll love every bit of my Ecommerce checklist, that I’m offering to send you double back ($138) if you’re dissatisfied and don’t find enough value in it.

You have 14 days to ensure the checklist is valuable to you.

The Real Questions Is...

Why Are You Still Thinking About This?

The fact that you scrolled past the packages tells me you’re still on the fence about this. Here are some 5 no bull reasons why you need the E-Commerce conversion checklist.

No Bull Reason 1

Click costs will continue to rise, your conversion rate won’t.

The cost to advertise will continue to rise and you’ll be paying more for less traffic. Your traffic pool will continuously decrease in size, and poor conversion results will soon follow. When you realize that you should’ve grabbed the E-comm audit to boost your conversions, it’ll be too late.

No Bull Reason 2

Avoid the discovery phase

You won’t have to go through that painstaking discovery phase where the majority of your time and money is spent on trying to figure out what works. We’ve already done the heavy lifting for you, and placed it in a neat and tidy spreadsheet you can access and share with your team.

No Bull Reason 3

Get The Jump On Competitors

With your market being saturated with competition, it’s only a matter of time before one of your competitors finds our Ecommerce checklist and you’ll be playing catch up. Get the edge over your competition before they do.

No Bull Reason 4

Put The Money You’re Leaving On The Table Into Your Pocket

Right now your business is missing out on thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sales because your webstore isn’t fully optimized to convert visitors into buyers. Use my checklist to improve your store’s conversion rate, and put the money you’re leaving on the table into your back pocket.

No Bull Reason 5

Scale & Grow With Ease

Once your store is fully optimized to convert visitors into buyers and produce great results, you should be fueled with the confidence to continue to grow & scale. Investing more money into your advertising campaigns should provide you with an even greater ROI, now that you have a high-converting webstore.

Don’t Take It From Me, Take It From The 100’s Of E-Commerce Business Owners This Checklist Has Helped

“I’ve revamped my Ecommerce store using this. It’s phenomenal. The examples make it super easy to go through and implement. My conversion rates have soared!”

Jess Kuemmerlin

Jess Kuemmerline

“I bought this and flicked it across to my team. They came back to me with a complete breakdown of where we needed to improve things, and we did. Kudos Sebastian. ”

Sean Rumbali

Sean Rumbali

“3 months in and absolutely loving this checklist. We used to use Notion E-commerce Checklist, which was great for getting our business off the ground but, your’s really got down to the nitty gritty of showing us areas that were affecting our conversion performance”

Mary McGilvray

Jess Kuemmerline

“I literally loved testing my E-commerce store using this checklist. Doing this myself has saved me heaps of time and money… and I’m no tech whiz. “
Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams

“Hi Sebastian, I just want to say I think this checklist is awesome. It’s honestly a steal for that price. Thanks for putting this together. Cheers, Matt “
Matt Mermec

Matt Mermec

“We’ve implemented a tonne of tactics that we’ve discovered in this guide and it’s helped us increase our conversion rate by 3%. To most that doesn’t seem like much but, we were doing $2M a year in sales. A 3% boost is huge for us.“
John Nickos

John Nickos

“Simply fantastic. I never knew that there were 300 things that could be affecting my sales. This is a great reference to have. I use it each month to track my store’s performance and optimize for greater ROI. “


Ayries Blanc

“I have to admit this checklist is pretty damn cool. It’s very organised and categorised with examples so I know exactly what to look for. Release more stuff…please!”

Jason Bagley

“ I can see the level of detail that’s gone into this Checklist. There’s nothing else like it on the web. The others are filled with loads of information that simply provide no value. This is full of value. Examples, priority bar, cost gauge. It’s all done for you.“
Matt Graham

Matt Graham

Common Questions I Get Asked About The Checklist

Here’s a short list of the most common and most helpful questions I’ve been asked by E-commerce business owners before, during and after they’ve purchased the checklist.

Question 1

Can I share this spreadsheet with my team?

Yes, you can! If you’re a business owner who has a marketing or SEO team helping you run your online store, then it’s encouraged to share the E-commerce checklist with them.

Question 2

I’ve downloaded E-commerce checklists in the past. How is this different?

Majority of the E-commerce checklists available online focus on launching an E-commerce store. Very few actually dive into how to improve the Conversion Rate of your store, once it’s actually running. I’m able to provide you with these tools and insights thanks to my 13 years of experience and 300+ audits.

Question 3

My store generates under $100,000 per month in sales. Is this still useful?

It sure is. Conversion Rate Optimisation should be a priority for all webstores, no matter how many sales ‘on average’ they produce each month. CRO is great for all webstores, especially new ones who can’t afford to waste their ad budget on driving traffic to a store that is not optimized to convert.

Question 4

Can I share this with my clients?

If you’re an agency or freelancer and you’d like to share this checklist to your clients as a bonus or additional service, then please contact me directly here.

Question 5

Can I pay you to do it for me?

If you would like a CRO expert (me), to take a deep dive analysis of your E-commerce store, providing personalised feedback & recommendations, then sign up for my Conversion Growth Assessment here.

Question 6

What happens after I purchase the E-commerce checklist?

You will receive a confirmation email thanking you for your purchase. Within that email there will be a private link for you to gain access to the E-Commerce checklist.

Scrolled All The Way Down Here?

Here’s a quick summary of everything above…

If you’re anything like me who scrolls down to the end of the page, then here’s the scoop of what I’m offering.

You can get your hands on my Ecommerce conversion checklist, which has over 300 critical conversion checkpoints which you can use to cover every inch of your store’s conversion process, to find where you’re lacking conversion pulling power.

The checklist is designed to show you the quick wins that have the highest impact, that you can implement right now to significantly boost your conversion rate.

If you want a clear and actionable checklist that will:

Then this checklist was built for you!

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