See how Cableaway increased online conversion by 400% from their E-Commerce site with our Traffic Growth Program


Here are the services that were provided to Cableaway

Traffic audit

Traffic Growth Program

Cableaway sees a tremendous uprise in online conversions thanks to our Traffic Growth Program.

“Conversion helped us generate high quality traffic that turns into high-quality sales. Ultimately this led to an increase in direct sales from our Ecommerce store and led to a year of big online growth”

Daniel Johnston

Managing Director, Cableaway

The Overview

Cableaway is a one-stop-shop for premium cable management systems, such as floor boxes, skirting ducts, data & communication centres, etc.

The Challenge

Cableaway launched their brand into an already competitive and heavily saturated market. As a smaller company, the brand wanted to quickly establish a percentage of market share, which would allow them to drive new visitors and increase sales. At the time, Cableaway was running a small Google search campaign, but was unclear on how they would look to grow with a smaller budget than most competitors.

The Process

To create a strategy that would allow Cableaway to drive visitors at a cheaper rate and increase online sales, Conversion firstly analysed the data & conversion metrics that were currently being generated by their active search campaign.

We started with our comprehensive traffic audit, in order to understand whether this traffic source and campaign choice was proving to be the ‘right’ choice, given the goals that Cableaway were looking to achieve.

From there, Cableaway were then moved into our Traffic Growth program, for monthly optimisation of budget, clicks, conversions, and ranking.

The Solution

In our first stage of work with Cableaway, we wanted to quickly identify whether a Google search campaign was providing us with a profitable return in cost, clicks, visitors, and results.

We took a look at the data and analytics through our traffic audit, and discovered that our search campaigns were underperforming in generating large amounts of quality traffic to the website. – We boiled this down to the large amounts of competition, who were driving up the click costs.

data cabinets google search

Screenshot shows search results for keyword ‘Data Cabinets’ a top product for Cableaway. As you can see, due to limited budget, Cableaway was not showing in top positions for this product.


The top 3 ranked ads on Google receive a total of 76% of available traffic. With a smaller budget, we weren’t in a position to pay more to acquire a visitor.

We also discovered that only 16 out of 300+ product pages were being visited – this was also due to limited visibility and awareness being generated from search ads.

Due to these discoveries, our efforts were directed at testing a new campaign type/traffic source, to improve on click through rate and conversions.

We weighed up various traffic options and campaign types, but it seemed that Google shopping was a clear winner, for these reasons.

After seeing the pro’s heavily outweigh the cons, we proceeded to shift majority of Cableaways traffic generation strategy over to Google shopping.

We decided to keep our top performing search campaigns active, to minimise the risk of this change.

floor outlet boxes search

This is a search result for ‘Floor Boxes’. As you can see, Cableaway started to dominate key positions in Googles search listings, taking up the entire row of shopping listings.

This change in strategy led to a 400% increase in conversions across the entire E-Commerce site.

conversion image

We were able to secure a large portion (47%) of the total market share on Google shopping, and generate clicks for 3X less (35 cents) than the predicted average value of $1.

To sustain this initial growth, we placed Cableaway on our Traffic Growth Program. We continued to optimize our bidding strategy to focus on the product categories that were generating the highest ROI for the client.

They were

The Result

Since starting the Traffic Growth Program, Cabelaway has

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