Comprehensive Traffic Generation Audit

Discover your best opportunities for growing your website traffic and sales.

Understand what traffic sources, keywords and ad placements are working best, so you can hone in on your targeting and attract your ideal customers better.
statistics and data
statistics and data

E-commerce - Gain A Deeper Understanding Of Your Websites Traffic

Are you suffering from one or more of these problems?

Bad Ad Placement

Find out which ads are costing you money, and discover new ad placements to test.

Low Quality Score

Learn which ads are ranked poorly and find out how to fix them to improve your click-through rate.

High Click Costs

Learn how to avoid paying double, even triple the cost to acquire a visitor.

Not Attracting The Right

Poor targeting, keyword selection, and ad creation, can have you paying for the wrong type of customer.

High Bounce Rate

Find out why your campaigns are causing visitors to bounce as soon as they hit your site.

Low Conversion Rate

Discover why your campaigns are converting at a rate that's below industry average and your expectations

An Audit That Helps You Grow Your Website Traffic & Sales

We first learn what strategies and methodology were used by your previous agency, then measure how well it aligns with targeting your ideal customer

We analyse your Google Analytics to identify where your traffic is coming from, how you are acquiring it, and how well that traffic is performing in retrospect to what you’re paying (ROAS).

We draw baselines and set recommendations based on what the data tells us, and supply you a detailed (5 Page Report) outlining the strengths and weaknesses with your traffic and the opportunities to acquire more targeted traffic for a cheaper cost.

This report will highlight improvements and recommendations; on what is or isn’t performing with your traffic generation method, which is all backed by data.

We make sure you’re getting the most bang for your marketing spend, helping you reach your business goals.

google analytics report

Here's What You Can Expect From Our Traffic Audit

Complete Analytics & Traffic Assessment Report

We take a deep dive into your analytics and conversion tracking, looking at all data points for new opportunities for improvement that have potential for high impact and low risk. We establish which traffic sources have converted more, and why, then prioritise our recommendations based on the traffic sources that have the highest chance of converting traffic into sales.
Keyword List

Deep Dive Analysis Of Your Converting Keywords List

We audit the keywords in your account, measuring them based on performance and intent, helping you construct a list of keywords that have the highest likelihood of converting. Each performing keyword is then categorised depending on its search type, to determine at what stage of the buying cycle your buyer is in (early, middle, late).

Paid Traffic Analysis

We take a look at your paid traffic (Google, Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin), analysing the data and metrics to help us understand your campaign structure, ad reach, keyword, and remarketing, to establish how well you’re attracting your ideal customers, and how well your funnel is performing.
organic versus paid
traffic overview

Remarketing Traffic

We analyse your remarketing campaigns based on how well they tag your audience based on key actions taken on your website (visited key page, added to cart, etc), and how effective your retargeting content is at encouraging these people to revisit your website.

Organic Traffic

We perform a thorough analysis of your sites SEO breakdown, and how well it meets Google Algorithm requirements, to improve our chances of ranking organically. We reverse engineer your competitors campaigns and others that are positioned well in your market, and unpack their successful strategies and methods they are using to dominate your marketplace.
inbound clicks from Google
Social traffic- YouTube

Social Traffic

We take a deep dive into your online social media accounts and analyse your social signals, your message to market, your voice and how active you are. We report opportunities and recommendations for improving your online social exposure.

Referral Traffic

We look for opportunities to increase your referral traffic based on visitors that have joined your mailing list through either an enquiry form, a download link, a coupon, or an offer. And we suggest email follow ups and mailing to reengage visitors back your site.
referral traffic

Schedule Your Comprehensive Traffic Audit

Deliverables Include:

traffic audit

Complete Analytics &
Traffic Assessment Report

Is a 5-page traffic analytics report, showcasing quick wins with your traffic generation strategies. It lists the issues detected within your traffic generation campaigns, current setup and budget strategy, that could be holding you back from growth.

A Full 360 Degree Omnichannel
Traffic Analysis

To help you identify each traffic channels performance and effectiveness of generating sales for your business. Improvement recommendations such as better placement for reach and cross promotion strategies will be listed also.

A One-on-One Audit Review

A 2hr review session that's tailored to your business, your traffic, and your market. The video/report will be recap all that was learnt within the assessment and analysis of your traffic. We will slowly walk you through the strengths and weaknesses of your traffic accounts, and how you can improve them.

A Tailored Traffic Opportunity

This will be a comprehensive list of recommendations to help you target your ideal client better and improve the quality of your traffic.

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