Landing Page Teardown

Eliminates Bottlenecks & Accelerates Conversions

Discover how your landing page is performing, and be provided with actionable recommendations (via video) to generate you more leads, sales, & customers.

This Is A Great
Opportunity For?

Companies that are trying to optimise their website for conversions and are not achieving their desired results, and need a fresh set of eyes to figure out what to do next

The Busy Exec​

Who is inundated with 100’s of other tasks and doesn’t have time to spare, yet they need an action plan to generate results FAST, with little to no effort required on their behalf.

The Marketing Manager

Who believes they’ve exhausted all conversion optimisation strategies, and is looking for new ways to bump leads & sales.

The E-Comm Store

Who wants to find out where their E-Comm store is leaking revenue, and wants to be provided with strategic insights and an action plan to boost ROI.

The Left In The Dark Business Owner

Who feels they could be generating better results, yet they settle for their marketing company telling them that a 2% conversion rate, is as good as it’s going to get.

The Business That's Rocking N Rolling

Businesses who are excelling online, and are wanting cost effective way to take things to the next level.

The Online Startup

Who wants to get things right from the start, looking to perfect their landing page strategy, so they can scale & grow at a rapid rate.

Why A Teardown?
How Does This Help Me?

Website landing pages can like a maze for customers. Full of traps and barriers to get stuck in. The more blockages you have, the less visitors you’ll convert.

Our landing page audit is designed to help you uncover where these blockages are.

We use data from different user experience and user behaviour platforms, to discover the problem areas which are hurting your visitors ability to convert into a sale or a lead for your business.

Our mission is to help you create a path of least resistance so your customers can reach their conversion goal faster. 

landing page wireframes

We Assess Your Landing Page
Using A 5 Step Process

Our process has been derived from thousands of hours of tests, learnings from top website professionals and the fundamentals for selling over the web.
Step 1 image

Speed & Display Issues

We study the pages responsiveness across multiple devices, assessing speed times and other factors that cause visitors to bounce. We suggest improvements that can be made based on our results.
responsive design
heatmap testing
Step 2 image

Examine User Journey

We carefully study how users are interacting with your page through heat map & user recording data, to help us identify potential roadblocks in your sales flow. We take into all account all factors of your landing page including layout, design and content, to suggest changes that will improve your user experience.
Step 3 image

Conversion Elements

We identify the conversion elements you’re currently using on your page (if any), analyse their impact, and suggest ways to improve them. If additional elements need to be implemented into the page, we will also list what they’re and where they should be positioned for best impact.
website elements
FIT Diagram
Step 4 image

Market To Product Match

We see how well your landing page communicates your product/service value to your ideal customer. We measure how clear your value proposition is, and whether the benefits to the end user are targeted, clear and persuasive.

Step 5

Heir-achy Of Importance

We assess the order of your landing page to determine whether you’re showing your most important content first.
percentage pyramid

Calculate Your Potential
Return On Investment

Some of our clients who have taken our audit, have been known to bump their conversion rate by up to 15%.

Calculate Your Projected Conversion Bump

Take A Look At What You'll Get

Deliverables Include:
the landing page teardown

A Walk Through Video Audit

A 30 minute presentation conducted by 2 conversion specialists who have years of UX design experience, who will provide feedback on how your page is performing via your heat map data. They will also reveal key areas for improvement, potential roadblocks that are halting your conversions, and design changes to improve your sales flow.

Personalised report

A comprehensive plan outlining the different changes to make to your landing pages to help you eliminate bottlenecks and improve your conversion flow. Each change is prioritised based on importance, effectiveness, and investment of time and cost.

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