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Here are the services that were provided to RBC

Website Audit

Traffic audit

Traffic growth campaign

Conversion Growth campaign

A/B Split testing

Hotjar testing

Ideal Customer Discovery exercise

“Thanks to our Traffic Growth & Conversion Growth program, the client is booked out 2 months in advance for their high-ticket bathroom renovation service”

Ann Irvine

Reliable Building & Construction

The Overview

Reliable Building & Construction (RBC) is a small boutique home renovation company that offers bespoke services to their local area.

The Challenge

When RBC approached Conversion they had one goal in mind, growth! As a smaller boutique company, RBC was looking to drive the majority of their growth from the web. The brand was wanting to secure a more consistent flow of high-quality leads, as they relied heavily on word of mouth and referrals.

The company was running a very small Facebook campaign, but were unclear of the next steps to take in order to see growth.

The Process

RBC engaged Conversion for an initial consultation to map out a strategy that would ensure their growth. Once assessing the goals for the company, it was clear that RBC required a combination of our services to get the ball rolling. Firstly, RBC went through our Traffic & Website audit, to highlight opportunities and problem areas.

In addition, RBC was then required to complete our Ideal Client Discovery Exercise, where comprehensive customer profiles were created. Once we had developed a strong understanding of who their customers were, RBC was then moved to our Traffic and Conversion Growth programs.

Each of these programs were optimised for growth, using data we had collected from our initial audits.

The Solution

The initial research we conducted was aimed at understanding whether their current website was functioning correctly.

Utilising the insights found within the website audit, it was clear that the ‘current version’ of the website faced a number of problems – user experience, functionality, speed, device responsiveness and navigation. A ‘newer’ version of the site needed to be created. Our goal was to move RBC toward a completely pain-free user experience.

Before commencing the build, Conversion worked closely with RBC to gain a deeper understanding of who their consumer profiles are and their online behaviors. We discovered a number of customer types, and used their profiles to build a user centric website, filled with targeted information that would educate prospects about the services on offer and motivate users into taking action.

RBC Homepage

Updating the website was a great hit, raising their average session duration by 7.90%, and having more key pages viewed in one session. This led to a 45% bump in conversions.

In addition to the website audit/build, a traffic audit was conducted to further learn about the user behaviour of customers, and to also clarify whether Facebook was an appropriate traffic source at delivering results.

We discovered one segment (couples)that was visiting our website primarily on desktop devices after 9pm, indicating either they had kids who went to bed around that time, or this was the time where both parties could sit together and discuss their future renovation plans.

We also found Facebook to contain multiple primary and secondary audiences that closely matched our customer profiles. This confirmed Facebook as being a traffic source we would continue to use for our future campaigns.

Next, we started our Traffic Growth Program. We nominated two traffic sources. Facebook for generating awareness to ‘new’ audience groups, and Google for generating clicks from those who were actively looking for our services. We elected to use both traffic sources in partnership with one another, as this gave us a well-rounded approach at capturing prospects at both early and later stages of their buying cycle.

To attract our ideal customer, we turned to creating highly engaging ads. Having a deep understanding of who their customers were and what triggered them, allowed us to produce advertising that was highly relevant to the target audience. In a short period of time since launch, we were able to differentiate ourselves from competition, boost our ad ranking, and lower our click costs. We drove a 77.71% increase in online traffic to our site which resulted in an additional boost in conversions.

Reliable Building Construction Webpage
Reliable Building Construction Webpage
Reliable Building Construction Webpage
Reliable Building Construction Webpage
Reliable Building Construction Webpage

The next segment we discovered were those who were visiting our website over multiple sessions, usually over weeks and even months, indicating that it would be highly-unlikely for a prospect to convert on either the first or second time interaction.

To overcome this, we put a retargeting campaign in place. Tailored to the service/s that a prospect had shown interest in on our website, we used social proof and other key triggers to motivate a prospect to go from considering the service, to booking in a quote.

Finally, it was time to kick off our Conversion Growth Program. To begin making additional improvements to both our website & campaigns, we developed a series of experiments to target the needs of the consumer. Our first experiment was focused on improving engagement rate with our returning visitors

We noted that prospects were far more likely to ask one or two questions, before agreeing to a quote.

To solve this, we changed our call-to-actions on our homepage from Get A Quote to Contact Us. We also update the homepage with a form field that would allow prospects to get in touch, rather than request a quote. This led to an 15% increase in enquiry form submits.

RBC Website

At the same time, we also developed a similar test to increase the engagement on our advertising. We knew that prospects were likely to request a quote after having their questions answered, but there was no way for them to do this unless they reached the website.

This limitation was causing a blockage that we felt we could solve, if we used ad formats that would open a line of communication between the prospect and the brand. This also seemed like the more appropriate test, before investing in a full time chat bot/agent. On Facebook, we used messenger ads to encourage conversations.

This led to 20+ new conversations from qualified prospects per week at $4 per lead. From those, 36% turned into quotes and 8% turned into paying jobs.

In our final test, we looked at improving the value and the relevancy of our offers to our target market. We wanted to step away from the generic ‘free consultation’ that the competition was saturating the market with and offer something of greater value.

Higher relevancy + greater value = higher chance of conversion

We developed a series of offers that we could test for each of our services. We built the offers based on the hypothesis of providing an incentive that was relevant to the renovation/upgrade they were completing on their home. It was essentially a gift that would amplify the experience.

For outdoor renovation we would look to gift things, such as BBQ’s, outdoor entertainment lounges, firepits, etc.

These targeted offers improved the value we were providing to our customers, enabling us to boost conversions by 37.93% on key service pages.

The winning tests and experiments resulted in 5-10 high quality leads being generated booking out their calendar 3 months in advance.

The Result

Reliable Building & Construction puts two new staff members on and books out their calendar 4 months in advance, thanks to our Traffic Growth & Conversion Growth Program.

Link to performance review document

Since working with Conversion, RBC was able to

RBC Email

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