Objective 3D

Objective 3D obtains a 76% increase in service bureau customers thanks to our website audit

How They Got There

Here are the services that were provided to Objective 3D

Website Audit

Data-driven redesign

The Overview

Objective 3D is a leading reseller and service provider of 3D printing technology, in the highly competitive, big company dominated 3D printing industry. For nearly 15 years, Objective 3D has worked to deliver top quality hardware and ready made parts, to businesses all around the world. The company is based in Melbourne, Victoria.

The Challenge

Prior to working with Conversion, Objective 3D set out a goal to grow their service bureau. This side of the business was responsible for keeping profit turnover high, during periods of when hardware sales were low. Objective 3D were struggling to generate consistent leads for 3D printed projects, and were looking for new ways to overcome this challenge.

The Process

To begin, we conducted in-depth research to learn more about Objective 3Ds consumers, and their behaviours when wanting to get a part printed. We looked at every click and movement visitors were taking, to determine where the most lucrative conversion opportunities existed.

We also conducted an ideal customer discovery exercise, to determine the profiles of those who would most value our service.

After establishing that a data-driven redesign would be best, we developed wireframes for a new landing page that would act as the benchmark for lead generation.

We validated key layouts and set a hierarchy structure that served our key consumer profiles, before moving to a content and design strategy.

The Solution

We began our engagement by conducting a website audit to learn about the way in which consumers were interacting with the current website. This uncovered key areas of opportunity, and problems that we needed to avoid during the redesign.

From there we conducted an analysis of analytical data, to establish baseline metrics we would use to measure the performance of our new page.

We then ran Objective 3D through our Ideal Customer Exercise, to identify key buyer profiles. It was discovered that our current website was only appealing to a fraction of the profiles we had identified, which may have deterred potential customers.

Next, we helped Objective 3D develop their landing page based on consumer and brand goals. We provided a UX design of the page for both mobile and desktop, where a hierarchy structure was established, ranking and ordering key sections based on their importance, and placing them strategically within the design for easy navigation.

The next step in the process saw us developing a content strategy that would allow us to communicate our unique selling proposition (USP) to our ideal customer, whilst displaying the benefits and key features of our service.

Finally we helped Objective 3D design their lead focused landing page on top of the UX designs, ensuring that we stay within the confinements of the OBJ brand, whilst bringing a bold and fresh new look to the site.

In the end, this data driven design was validated by the Objective 3D team, and rolled out in replacement for the current website.

Objective 3D Homepage
Objective 3D Website

The Result

Objective 3D’s data driven redesign has delivered the growth that the company was expecting to experience from their initial design. Since launching, OBJ has experienced a month-on-month upward trend in lead generation, boosting their leads by 28%.

The company’s sales team reported that there was a significant improvement in the quality of leads they were receiving, and also noticed that those who were submitting their details, were in fact close matches of the ideal customer profiles we established early on in our engagement.

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