Splashes spa world increases their average time on site by 4% and increased website conversions by 126% thanks to our Conversion Growth Program


Here are the services that were provided to Splashes

Website Audit

User testing

Heatmap testing

Visitor Recordings

Conversion growth program

The Overview

Splashes Spa World is a leading retailer and distributor of Spas in Australia. Designed to be the comfiest spas on the market, they offer a host of health and well-being benefits, and come in a range of sizes to accommodate any backyard.

The Problem

When Splashes approached Conversion, they were looking to partner with a company to help them improve their websites as a lead generation tool, to draw prospective customers to specific spa models and convert them into leads and sales.

The website needed to make it easy for potential customers to find the perfect spa for their home, whilst educating them on the benefits of owning a spa, and inspiring them to be excited into taking the plunge (no pun intended) by submitting their details online.

Additionally, the site needed to be designed with easy navigation, as Splashes had a wide range of Spas, Swim Spas and Plunge Pools for visitors to choose from.

Our experience with designing sites for large E-Commerce stores that host complex and high-priced products, made Splashes the perfect fit.

The Process

To begin, we analysed the behaviour of how users were interacting with the current Splashes site. We took note of the pathways users would take in order to find the spa models they were searching, to uncover if there were any pain points hindering their ability to reach their intended goal.

User sessions and visitor recordings were also studied to uncover conversion opportunities that we could transfer to the redesigned website.

Heatmap tracking was also used to paint a clear picture of how users were engaging with key pages on the website. It was discovered that users were experiencing difficulty in understanding which spa product best suited their needs, as the site lacked categorisation. This confusion would often lead to decision paralysis and site abandonment.

From there, our team designed wireframes that would solve the challenges presented in the research phase.

The Solution

Based on the data collected by our comprehensive audit, our team developed wireframes for four key pages of the website: homepage, spa category page, swim spa category page and plunge pools category page.

For the homepage, our team wanted to clarify the benefits that our spas offered, along with communicating our unique selling proposition early on, to help us differentiate from competition. Our user testing sessions revealed that visitors had trouble navigating to the type of spa category that was right for them. The goal was to help them make an informed decision as soon as the user landed on the site.

Splashes Spa World Website

The wireframe our team delivered for the homepage emphasised a clear separation between each spa category, whilst conveying the key benefits and USP of the spa products. We then placed a design over the wireframe to help bring the homepage to life.

The objective of the category page wireframe was to help reduce decision paralysis that visitors experienced when trying to distinguish between spa models . We knew that effective categorisation and filtering of the models had not been established at this key stage of the decision making process.

The new category page wireframe focused on highlighting the key differences between models that would help a user make an informed decision. A design was placed over the top of the wireframe, once the categorisation and filtering system had been completed.

Splashes Oasis Spa

Since majority of the clients website traffic came from mobile devices, the wireframe and designs of each page were also completed to be mobile-friendly. User testing sessions also revealed that users would need to scroll for long periods of time before finding information, so key elements were placed above the fold to combat this.

The Result

After delivering the wireframes and the design, Splashes incorporated their new pages into the redesign of their website with our help. We tested the functionality of each page before traffic was set to arrive.

To test the performance of the new pages vs the old, we access Splashes analytical data to set baselines and track key performance indicators.

After sending a significant amount of traffic to the site, it was clear who the winner was.

Our new homepage and category increased average time on site by 4%. Bounce rate was reduced with more visitors now able to make the choice between spa models, visiting key pages on the site.

Web leads incresed by 126%, resulting in more sales opportunities, which improved sales.

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