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Find out why your Google Ads account is generating clicks and no sales – and find out how you can improve this.

By Sebastian Alberti, Digital Marketer
Published January 5, 2022 | Read Time: 3 min

Are your Google Ads not performing in the way they once did?
Generating heaps of clicks and no sales?

Feel like you’ve tried everything under the sun, yet nothing’s working?

You’re not alone.

There are many businesses who are in the same boat as you. Struggling to convert, on the brink of giving up.

But how can there be so many businesses failing, when others are simply crushing it, generating 2X and 3X for every dollar they put into the platform?

That’s truly perplexing.

So, before you go ahead and give up, read this article to find out why you may be struggling, and how those who are killing it on Google, return such a healthy investment from the advertising platform.

Google Ads

When marketers look at growing conversions on Google, they are prone to assessing the performance of their ads using one metric only.


When marketers do this, they don’t realise that 9 times out of 10, they’ll draw the wrong hypothesis.


The purpose of an ad is not to convert, it’s to generate the click.

If you score an ad based on it’s conversion performance, you will be misled to believe that the ad itself is deemed unsuccessful, when it’s not.

If your ad is generating clicks and no conversions, then the ad itself should be deemed successful, your website shouldn’t be.


Your website is where the conversion happens.

If your website is getting the right type of traffic but not getting conversions, then you most certainly have a user experience problem.

Poor user experience not only affects your conversion rate, it also plays a major role in how much traffic your website generally wastes.

If you think about your website being an actual funnel, and Google ads being used to fill it, the worse your website is optimised for user experience, the more holes it generally has to leak traffic.

When you leak traffic, all the key performance indicators in your Google Ads account will generally become compromised (bounce rate & quality score). You’ll end up paying more to acquire a visitor, your conversion rates will plummet, and you’ll be left with a negative ROI.

There are fewer things more frustrating than navigating a website that doesn’t work how you would expect it too. Poor load times, clunky designs, misleading navigational pathways, and an unfriendly mobile experience is extremely painful.

Frustrated customers lead to poor conversion results and that’s why Google’s decided to step in.

In a recent announcement, Google stated they will favour websites with excellent user experience, because they know just how vital a well polished website plays when generating conversions.

If delivering a website that is highly focused on user experience is your golden ticket to generating more conversions, then how does your site stack up?

Here are some questions you can use to gauge the user friendliness of your website.

Number one badge

Does your site load in less than 3 seconds?

*Google has stated that a visitor will make up their mind on whether to stay or leave a site in this amount of time.
Number two badge

If you landed on your website and were looking for a particular product, is it easy to navigate & find?

*94% of consumers say your website must be easy to navigate

Number three badge

Is your website mobile friendly?

*Over 60% of online traffic has been recorded to use a mobile device
Number four badge

Do your product pages have the required information to assist a prospect into making a purchase right then and there?

* Well versed product descriptions, hd images of the product, informative guides and reviews improve conversion by 26%
Number five badge

Do you have a chat function that can assist a prospect if they need help?

* Stellar customer service can boost conversions by up to 67%

Ok, let’s get down to meaty stuff. It should be a prerequisite that every visitor to your website should experience quick load times, an easy to navigate site (on all devices), easy checkout process, plus all the supportive information you can supply.

Here are some tips you can use to improve your conversion rate on Google Ads through conversion rate optimization.

Number one badge

Know who your ideal customer is, profile them, and then cater for their needs, problems and desires

Number two badge

Make sure the ad lines up perfectly with the landing page you’re driving your traffic to.

Number three badge

Establish a robust optimisation plan, with a section that allows for measuring the impact of your changes.

Number four badge

Test the navigation of your website to identify blockages, areas of confusion, or areas for added improvement.

Number five badge

Test different types of offers using different types of ads to see which is more appealing to your target audience.

*Types of ads - Search ads, display ads, video ads, shopping ads, app ads

Number six badge

Integrate your marketing with a follow up email campaign that you can use to educate users over a longer period of time.

Once you’re delivering a great user experience, you’ll notice other pieces of your advertising will fall into place.

For example on Google:

rounded rectangle

Your bounce rate will go down, you’ll get more visitors to stay on your website for longer periods than 3 seconds

rounded rectangle

Your time on site will go up

rounded rectangle

Your quality score will go up, putting your ads in a better position on Google

rounded rectangle

Your click cost will go down, and you’ll acquire more traffic at a cheaper rate

rounded rectangle

You’ll be favoured by Google algorithm and put in a better position than your competition

rounded rectangle

You’ll receive a better return on ad spend

For example on your website:

rounded rectangle

Visitors will interact with more parts of your website (homepage, category page, product pages, checkout)

rounded rectangle

You’ll gain better insight to what your customers value

All of the above will have a positive effect on your conversion results

rounded rectangle

You’ll generate more conversions from your non & paid Google ads campaigns

rounded rectangle

You’ll capture more of the market share, generating awareness for the brand - you’ll get more referral sales

rounded rectangle

You’ll generate more conversions from your paid & organic social media campaigns

As you can see, improving user experience on your website has an amazing compounding effect on conversions, and with Google pushing to favour those who deliver on UX, there is no better time to start optimising your website.

If you need a conversion optimisation action plan, you can contact Conversion.

If you want to calculate how an increased conversion rate can impact your website, and ROI it will bring, use our calculator here

We hope this article was helpful.

Have a wonderful day!

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