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Learn how your luxury brands site should be taking advantage of conversion rate optimisation (CRO) to boost the quality of your leads, and generate more sales.

By Sebastian Alberti, Digital Marketer
Published December 8, 2021 | Read Time: 3 min

There is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy.

Luxury brands require a special type of marketing approach to most. It’s pretty obvious right? You don’t see a Ferrari being sold at a local car yard, and for good reason.

Whenever working with luxury brands, the owner often asks…

“ How Can Conversion Rate Optimisation Work For My Brand, When We Don’t Sell Cheap Consumable Items, Plus Our Customers Don’t Fit The Profile Of People Who Buy That Stuff, We’re different? “

I agree. You are different. Everything about the marketing approach for a luxury brand should be different, and that’s the very reason why we recommend conversion rate optimisation.

If you’re a luxury brand owner who is still sitting on the fence about CRO, then dive into the content below where I’ll explain why CRO is essential for a luxury brand like yours, plus I’ll back it up with 6 simple ways of how CRO will help you generate more sales for your high-priced & luxury goods.

Luxury goods chart

Luxury brand managers are prone to focus their efforts on generating more traffic, rather than learning how to convert more of the traffic they have. Part of that mindset comes from the idea that sales is a numbers game.

“The more you pour in, the more you get out”

Luxury brands are unable to rely on this mindset to grow their sales, simply because the type of customer they target is different.

Different in the sense that they have a longer sales cycle, they do more in depth research, etc.

Therefore the quality of the lead needs to be top priority.

Any successful sales person who’s done work with a luxury brand will tell you that it’s better to have fewer high-quality leads, than to have many low quality leads.

And if they’re really well trained in sales, they’ll also tell you that traffic generation without CRO consideration can cost more than it’s worth.

Conversion rate optimisation provides “Quality over quantity”

When well practiced CRO strategies are paired with traffic generation, it raises the quality of your leads. CRO solely focuses on improving the flow of various pathways your prospects take on your website before making a purchasing decision.

This improved flow, helps to prequalify prospects as quality leads, who are now fast tracked to making a purchasing decision.

Luxury brand managers have also been known to believe that Conversion Rate Optimisation is done as a once off.

“Yes, we’ve done CRO before, we updated our website last year”

Here’s the harsh truth – While you’re busy looking for new ways to generate more traffic to your already poorly converting website in the hope to grow your sales, other luxury brands (your competition) are optimising their pages for existing traffic.

They understand that it’s more beneficial if they invest in a strategy that boosts their conversions rate from 3% to 4.8%, than to try and double their traffic, especially when click costs are at an all time high.

Here’s something else to consider if you really want to talk numbers:

Even a marginal conversion rate increase for a luxury brand site can lead to a substantial increase in ROI. If you increase the conversion rate from 3% to 3.5% from a site that is generating over $10,000,000 per year in annual revenue, this will yield over $1,600,000 in additional sales each year.

Here are 6 simple, yet effective ways CRO can help luxury brands boost the sales of their luxury goods & high-priced items.

Number one badge

Look at the quality of the traffic you’re generating

If you’ve fallen for the “The more you pour in the more you get out” mentality when generating traffic, chances are you’ve dropped the ball when it comes to quality. Not only does the ‘wrong’ type of traffic cost you money to acquire, it affects other parts of your campaigns, such as bounce rate and quality score, which ultimately drives up your advertising cost even more.

Number two badge

Create a high-priced selling experience

Ever walked into a physical store that sells high-end products, like Ferrari? If you have or if you do, pay close attention to the level of detail these luxury brands go into when creating a selling experience for their customers.

Take notice of their packaging, the way they showcase their products, their selling material, the lighting they use in store, their customer service, and then do the same for your brand online.

Number three badge

Go through your funnel and identify any blockages that restrict your sales flow​

Put yourself into the shoes of your potential customer, and walk through the funnel in the same way they would. If you consider something to be confusing or dysfunctional, then fix it. Blockages mean serious losses in sales.

Number four badge

Provide personalised customer service through online chats

Luxury goods require a bit more hand holding, so why not be there whenever a prospect needs some guidance? Premium product sales can be enhanced through a chat function, by providing a superior level of customer service to those who are potential customers of your brand.

Number five badge

Make your unique selling points stand out and you’ll stand out - don’t just be the features guy

The features between two similar products tend to overlap. Not a great way to stand out if a prospect is tossing up between you and another competitor. Unique selling points are the ways in which you can differentiate yourself quickly, so you’re not being valued on price.
Number six badge

Personalised, valued adding offers, beat generic offers every time ​

If you know who your ideal customer is, then you should know why they buy from you. Leverage from your deep understanding of your customer and create an offer that provides extra value to them specifically. Would they prefer additional after sales support over an upfront discount? If yes, then include it.

Bottom line: The success of your luxury brand is not measured by how much traffic you can generate, it’s how much value those visitors provide you. You can bring a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Same goes with advertising. Advertising can draw people to your offers, but CRO guides them all the way up until they make a purchase.

How do we know that?

We’ve seen it time and time again. To check out some of the results CRO has produced for our clients, click to view our case studies here. To speak with a CRO specialist who will help you improve your quality of lead/and or sales for your luxury brand, click here.

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