The Art To Getting High Value Clients

Without spending a single dime more on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin & SEO.

Updated: 22 July 2022   |   Read Time: 7 min

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Hi I’m Sebastian,

I’m going to assume you’ve got a website, you’re getting traffic and your conversions aren’t great!

I’ve perfected the art of getting more high value clients

Today I’m going to show you how to do it without spending a single dime more on Google Ads, Facebook, Linkedin, and SEO.

Doesn’t matter if you sell luxury products, complex machinery or specialised services, our methods works considerably better for high valued products and services no matter what industry you’re in.

This works so well because it’s built upon the principles of better servicing your customers.

Take what I’m about to share with you today, and I guarantee you won’t need to worry anymore about where your next client is going to come from!

Why should you listen to me?

In the last 12 years I was contracted by major brands as a ‘ghost consultant’ to improve online customer experience and generate more sales.

Major brands like you see above, were spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising, were leaving (heaps of) money on the table, and they didn’t even know about it.

It was my job to help them uncover friction points, bottlenecks, and unforeseen issues on their website that were affecting conversion rate, and their ability to turn more traffic into paying customers.

Businesses that were looking to dominate, maximise ROI, or keep their business alive would hire me.

In my time as a consultant, I helped many 7 / 8 figure companies bring in millions of dollars in extra profits per year.

profile picture

Sebastian Alberti

Conversion Designer

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Which quickly landed me the name

The Davinci Of Converting Visitors Into Customers.

Fast forward to today, I’ve audited 300+ websites, spent $5.83 million dollars on testing…here’s the proof
MarketingLab data

And Discovered A Simple Way For Businesses To Get More High Value Clients

No tech or marketing experience needed!

This is made for the business owner or marketing professional who wants to keep their finger on the pulse of profit growth.

Before I show you what I do to get more high value clients, I first need you to know what most businesses stumble on that stops them from growing…

The ONE mistake that stops businesses from growing

Being in the game for so long, and running a 7-figure a year agency, I learned that there are two ways businesses generally go about getting more clients.

#1. Increase their traffic

#2. Increase the conversion rate on their website

Most businesses focus on the first, but rarely focus on the latter.

They constantly cough up a small fortune to Google, Mr Zuckerberg and the likes, in the hope that more traffic will bring them more sales.

Meaning, they just throw shit at a wall and see what sticks.

This is a method I like to call shooting in the dark…

When you shoot in the dark, you often miss.

But when you’re lucky enough to hit the target, or in this case convert a customer, you’re not even sure how you did it…

Therefore you can’t replicate and repeat the process on a consistent basis.

What’s worse, is that marketing professionals, agencies and gurus are still preaching that more traffic is the key…

But what they won’t tell you is that most sites, at best convert at 5%

That means, 95% of the traffic you spend top dollar on simply gets thrown in the bin. 

sample website

If that’s the case, why on earth would you actually welcome increasing your ad spend?

Shooting in the dark is what most businesses are doing online, when they increase their ad spend and drive more traffic to an already poorly converting website.

It’s the mistake that ultimately kills their conversions, and prevents them from truly being able to scale and grow.

What businesses should be welcoming with open arms is increasing the conversion rate of their website (CRO).

Here’s why…

Click costs are at their most expensive, and competition is at it’s most fierce.

Did you know that advertising costs on Google have risen 438% in the last 4 years?

Digital advertising spending graph

And it’s only going to get worse.

So take your traffic goggles off, and start to look through the lens of improving the conversion rate of your website.

CRO is the way you need to start to looking at things from 2022 and beyond…

It’s formally known as Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

It’s how you can overcome high click costs, stay ahead of the competition, and most important convert more visitors into paying customers.

It’s the new kid on the block – and here’s how I discovered it. 

How I discovered conversion rate optimisation

I first learned about CRO, when studying and perfecting the art of getting more clients.

I turned to the pioneers who had already perfected it before me, like Apple, Amazon,Tesla, eBay, Asos, Ikea, H&M, Myer, Etsy, and studied what they were doing doing online.

I noted that on a regular basis their website would change, with the intent to improve its functionality to better serve their customers.

date measurement

To put these numbers into context, an average online store makes 10 changes to their website per year.

So I knew this was something big.

Using wayback machine (an internet archive website), I tracked and monitored the types of changes these websites were making on an on-going basis.

I discovered that there design, layout, and functionality would improve based on what their customers were wanting.

Even the smallest change, like an icon being added, had the purpose of improving the user experience on the site.

Which is exactly what CRO is…

CRO’s intent is to help you better understand your customers, so you can manipulate and test elements on your website such as





Checkout process

And more

To improve user experience, which ultimately increases your conversion rate.

Think of it as a way you can continuously maintain peak website performance, so you’re squeezing the most value out of the traffic you pay a premium for.

Before now, only big corporations were able to harness the power of CRO because it was extremely expensive.

The software to run an effective CRO strategy cost upwards of $100K.

But now, with the progression of technology, sophisticated advertising platforms, customer behaviour tracking apps, and literature available, CRO can be harness by any business without any start-up cost.

Here’s three damn good reasons why you should consider CRO for your business.

3 damn good reasons your business should consider CRO

Reason #1

No capital investment. CRO is free

Unlike spending money on ads, CRO works on the basis of improving the functionality, user experience, and conversion rate of your website. All you need is a functional website to get started.

Reason #2

Double, even triple your revenue with small changes that amount to high-profitable returns

CRO is extremely effective because you only need to make small incremental changes to really move the conversion needle.

For example

If your website is currently generating 10,000 visitors per month, converting at 2%, you can make 2-3 small changes that bump your conversion rate to 5%, which will yield you an additional 300 customers for FREE.

I mean how much faster would your business be able to grow if you could double, even triple your conversions?

Reason #3

Profits compound over time - giving you the ability to retire early.

Every change you make that has a positive effect on your conversion rate becomes permanent, which increases your profit gains and compounds over time.

A steel company I consulted for, made these 5 changes to their website with my guidance, which increased their conversion rate by 6.5%.

Here’s how it compounded over time.

Change 1 – Headline split test (0.7% increase)

Change 2 – Improved menu navigation (1.4% increase)

Change 3 – Implemented new payment options at checkout
(1.3% increase)

Change 1 – Added social proof to key pages (2.1% increase)

Change 4 – Implemented high-quality images to product pages
(1.0% increase)

6.5% increase

Additional Profits Generated In First Year

Profits compounded over 10 years

Now seriously, if that doesn’t make your mouth water, then I’m not sure what will.

CRO is the way of the future, for you, your family and your business.

It can help you retire early.

Pay off debts.

Setup your kids future.

And run a successful business.

And if you’re a marketing manager, you’ll likely get promoted.

How you can implement CRO into your business

Now that you can see how powerful CRO is, and how it can help businesses short term, long term, plan for the future, stay ahead of the competition, and win online, the trick is knowing what to test, how to test, and why to test!

What I’ve learned from doing this for so long, is that people/businesses fall short of ideas when testing their website for CRO.

To help those that may encounter this problem, I’ve crafted a checklist containing 300 of the freshest, most impactful and powerful ways you can test your site for CRO, so you can better service your customers online.

screen image

It’s taken me over 300+ website audits and 100+ hours to complete.

It will help you turn your mediocre website that’s simply humming along or barely breaking even, to a more profitable one that accelerates your business growth, year on year.

With my checklist, you will be able to uncover the following that affect your conversion rate.

Friction points
Unforeseen issues

And will show you the quick-wins you can implement right now to increase your conversion rate.

By knowing what to test, how to test, and why, you will never fall short of ideas.

You will cut down your discovery phase from years, to months, weeks, even days, and start to generate profitable returns instantly.

This checklist can be applied to all business types – as long as you have a functional website and you’re getting traffic to it. 

If you're just starting out

looking for a way to generate new clients on a consistent and predictable basis

If you're complex service provider

who's wanting to fill their pipeline with high-quality leads

If you're an established brand

who's generating $20,000 in sales per month, and you're looking for a new way to break your monthly sales record.

And finally, I’ve made the checklist super easy to implement.

It’s broken down into the key areas of your website that are critical for conversion.

That way you can really dive down into your online stores conversion performance, and find where you’re leaving (heaps of) money on the table.

A 50% discount will applied at checkout if you purchase the checklist via this link

How other businesses used my checklist to generate amazing results.

Now it’s time for the proof!

To demonstrate how CRO can help you skyrocket sales and generate new customers for FREE, I thought it would be best to show you real life tests of past clients and the results they achieved using my checklist.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons why you should consider CRO

Reason #4

Advertising becomes more profitable

An increased conversion rate means if you spend money on ads later, you will have the reassurance in knowing the traffic you send to your website, has a higher chance of converting, making your ROAS more profitable.

For example – If your ad spend is $2000 p/m – generating you 5,000 visitors to your website, and you’re currently converting at 2%, you’re generating 100 sales p/m.

Doubling your conversion rate to 4%, yields an additional 100 sales per month.

Reason #5

All backed by data, not the GUT feel of your agency

With CRO, all changes you make are backed by data and not the guess work of your agency. Everything is tracked, measured, and benchmarked, giving you the ability to know what works and what doesn’t, so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your profit growth.

Reason #6

Little time invested on your part

CRO is fantastic if you’re a busy exec, business owner, or marketing professional, because you don’t need to invest long hours to generate profitable returns.

Small changes that can be done in minutes, can be all that’s needed to bump your conversion rate, increase your sales and generate you more profit. 

In Conclusion

There you have it.

You’ve now discovered the art of getting new clients for free.

Better servicing your customers through CRO is the way businesses can win online.

Don’t take it from me, take it from the pioneers who mastered this art well before me. 

Steve Jobs quote

I hope this blog post was helpful.

Signing off. 

Sebastian signature

Sebastian Albert
AKA ‘The Da Vinci Of Converting Visitors Into Customers’ 


In case you’re one of those people like me, who scroll all the way down to the end of the page, here’s the scoop.

I’ve discovered a new way businesses and brands who operate online can generate new clients for free.

It’s called CRO and it works on the basis of better servicing your customers.

In a nutshell, CRO enables you to better understand your customers, so you can manipulate and test elements on your website, like your headlines, web-copy, images, navigation, etc – improving user experience, and increasing your conversion rate.

You can learn about the power of CRO and how you can apply it to your business by reading the blog post above.

Or if you’re wanting to skip the 7 min read, and wanting to get your hands on a checklist that will allow you to implement CRO into your business, click the link below.

The checklist contains over 300 of the freshest, most impactful and powerful ways you can test your site for CRO, so you can better service your customers online.

It took me over 100+ hours to craft – It’s basically my life’s work.

So, if you’re wanting to maximise your stores conversion rate, and convert more of the traffic you currently have into paying customers, get yours hands on the most comprehensive CRO checklist on the market. Period!

I guarantee it will significantly improve your conversion rate.

If it doesn’t, I’ll send your money back.

A 50% discount will applied at checkout if you purchase the checklist via this link

Improve the Conversion Performance Of Your Site
This checklist
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is all you need
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