Aphrodites Pleasure

Adult store company lowers abandon cart rate by 13% and boosts sales by 4% thanks to our Conversion Growth Program


Here are the services that were provided to Aphrodites Pleasure

User Testing

Conversion Growth Program

A/B Split testing

Heat map analysis

UX Design

“Conversion helped me optimise my checkout experience so that it was fast, seamless and user friendly. I didn’t know I was losing so many potential sales at checkout”

Adrian – Aphrodites Pleasure

The Overview

Aphrodites pleasure is a leading online adult store, best known for their large collection of high-quality toys for men, women and couples.

The Challenge

At the start of our engagement, Aphrodites had seen a slight decline in their overall sales, as the market became heavily saturated with other adult stores. The brand was also competing against brands which they stocked, making this an even more complex situation.

Conversion was appointed to help optimise their checkout process and improve their sales flow to convert a larger percentage of their online visitors.

The Solution

To accomplish that goal, Aphrodites engaged Conversion for our Conversion Growth program. We started our Conversion Growth program in the data collection phase, deploying a number of different tools to track the behavior of Aphrodites customers.

They were

After watching 100s of visitor recording sessions and comparing the sales data against the user behavior data, it was clear that there was a blockage on key product pages and within the checkout process. Based on these results, Conversion looked to improve the flow of this process, by attending to every single page that a customer would interact with in their path to purchase, running a number of experiments to create a more seamless, faster, online checkout experience.

aphrodite's pleasure website

Our first experiment consisted of fixing a mobile display issue we discovered from user testing. Key product pages and checkout pages were not optimized to fit within the height and width ratio of mobile devices. It was also noted that there was no hierarchy structure to the elements that were placed within the mobile page, making it hard for prospects to navigate to the next stage in the buying process.

aphrodite's pleasure product search

This was seen as a major issue that was contributing to the loss of sales the brand had described.

To overcome this, Conversion redesigned (UX) these unresponsive pages, testing them on all mobile device types, whilst also implementing a hierarchy structure for key elements. Elements were ranked in order of conversion and user experience, and placed strategically within the mobile frame. This optimisation resulted in an improved user friendly checkout experience, where scroll rates were minimized, and the number of products being added to cart increased.

Aphrodites saw a 10% increase in people starting the checkout process on a mobile device, with a 13% decrease in cart abandonments.

While we delivered a more seamless checkout experience, we were still losing large portions of our visitors to other adult stores who simply had cheaper deals. To overcome this issue, we drafted a second experiment to add alternative payment options throughout the checkout process.

Our hypothesis stated the following – “Lowering the price point and breaking payments into more manageable chunks would encourage more prospects to follow through with the sale, even if our products were more expensive than competition.”

To conduct the experiment, we A/B tested a number of different payment methods on product and checkout pages. The test winner saw us adding an After-pay button to all key pages (product & checkout), along with a payment message, instructing visitors of the payment amount and the number of payments needing to be made.

payment page
This optimisation led to an 4% increase in sales.

The Result

Since working with Conversion, Aphrodites was able to

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